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Almost all people of every age are into gadgets.  There are gadgets that work just in a click of a finger, single swipe, and some which follow voice prompt.


Social robots to me are more than just a gadget or AI device that follows voice prompt.  With each robot’s ability to recognize your face, communicate and obey your commands, it can be your friend and nanny.  Some of them even exceeded my expectation of a robot, just like Jibo.



He is a cute little bot, who seems big when it comes to functionality and personality.  He is ready to entertain you like a best friend, willing to cheer you up by his singing and dancing.  He is a nanny who will wake you up in the morning, remind you about your schedules, and willing to do things for you, like finding songs you love, crack jokes, help you out research the information you need with your home works.  With his panoramic vision, he is capable of taking your pictures, even group pictures.  His 360-degree microphone array enables him to detect sound from all directions.   That makes it easy to get his attention whenever and wherever you are in the room.  He can engage in communication with any member of the family as he can recognize face and voice.

But sadly, this Time Magazine’s best invention of 2017 met its end, as the company encountered some problems.   The Robot Report mentioned layoffs, crowdfunding, delayed shipments, order cancellation, and cheap and better competitor are some of the issues Jibo, Inc. encountered.


Social Robot Technology Is Here To Stay

Jibo may be out of the market, but social robot technology isn’t dead yet.  In fact, more are being developed, and I hope to see better versions of them in the coming year.

Companies like, LG, Sony, Samsung, even Amazon (home to Echo and Alexa) are continually developing a better version of social robots to be your home companion.   These robots are more conversational and can even challenge and interrogate you.


Cozmo And Vector By Anki

Maybe not as functional as Jibo, but Cozmo and Vector have capabilities unique to themselves.  Cozmo is said to have a mind of his own and personality that he develops the longer you communicate.   Updating the app frequently, you’ll discover more abilities and skills and your kids will truly enjoy his company more.



Vector is more for the big guys.  It won’t be boring to hang out with Vector since he can play games with you and answer your questions.  You may find it kind of weird and funny as Vector watches your face and keep you in focus as you move around, and can also take your photo.


I hope Cozmo and Vector will be able to communicate more articulately in the future, and voice recognition will not be bothered by noises in the surrounding.   It may just be a piece of technology to some, but to me, with its ability to deep learning, enhanced capabilities, and features, they are my companion and more.


Home robots are fun to hang out with, and their evolution will make them more exciting.  Whether it’s another higher version of Jibo, ElliQ, Vector or Cozmo, I would love to bring one home.  I am optimistic that I will be seeing a better version of them in the market in the future.

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