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Admitting that you are one of those telecom consumers who almost have a mental breakdown every time the internet crashes does not paint you as a crazy person. A lot of people rely heavily on cyberspace nowadays to accomplish various tasks that used to be done manually. For instance, instead of going to the library to look for books or journals to read, folks merely have to type a keyword in their browser and wait for a fraction of a second for related results to show up. Even meetings with bosses and clients can already take place online, which allows all parties to save on energy, time, and gas. Thus, it is not surprising if you feel like crying or throwing a tantrum whenever your device announces that there is no internet connection.

Nevertheless, upon visiting the United Kingdom, we gathered that they have a telecommunications company there called BT Business that never loses connectivity. It sounds too good to be true – that idea crossed our minds at first as well. However, being able to use their services for a few days made us think that, “Yeah, it’s possible to have internet forever!”

What Is BT Business?

BT Business is one of the brands under the British Telecom Group that sprouted from the company’s former BT Retail division. As its name implies, this new department has the responsibility of offering various telecommunication services (e.g., broadband, telephone lines, and mobile devices) to diverse industries that begin or continue to flourish in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The kind and the size of businesses that it attends to are varied; as long as the company requires internet and other technological solutions, BT Business has specialists who can step up to the plate and offer their expert advice and services to consumers.


This telecom company takes pride in bringing internet connectivity to the remotest corners of the world. More often than not, you can travel outside of the UK and continue using their services without worrying about lags or slow internet speed. That is a high level of convenience that not a lot of businesses in the same industry can provide.

Why Do Clients Avail The Vouchers And Promotional Deals Offered By BT Business?

The company is quite generous to its customers, for the reason that they offer discounts to new and existing clients regularly. The users, on the other hand, are glad to receive these vouchers because they allow them to save their funds for other expenditures.

The promos that BT Business typically offers take away almost half of the original rate of a specific service, and so even if the consumers have more than enough funds to pay for it, it does not hurt to cash in on the vouchers and discounts that this division freely provides. In addition to that, the marketing deal is in effect for more than one month; that’s why the clients can increase their capital on actual products or other aspects of the business.

What Are Some Of The Best Offerings From BT Business?

The ultimate advantage of choosing to employ the telecommunication services of BT Business is that there is a reward card – besides the gift cards – readily available for those who get the BT Broadband, BT Mobile or BT Infinity packages. Such vouchers are different from the regular discounts that affect the price of the business solution, considering they are often related to fashion and foodstuff that the clients, regardless if they are men or women, can enjoy. Apart from the Next gift card, the new consumers can also get rewarded with free vouchers for Marks & Spencer, JD Sports, Sainsbury’s, Costa, Boots, Amazon, and various retail outlets.


How Can Customers Claim The Special Deals?

Although BT Business brings many services towards people, getting any discount code or voucher follows the same process often. When the client has already received their order, or the broadband has been installed and activated, the company’s website has a particular web page for vouchers that they can visit.

The first step is to fill in a short form with the user’s full name, e-mail address, telephone number, and order reference before hitting the Claim Now button. The person cannot claim the discount immediately, however, because the company’s personnel still has to confirm that the individual is eligible to receive the gift code. If the application gets through, BT Business will send the voucher to his or her physical address within a total of 45 days.

Final Thoughts

What the information above suggests is that the telecommunication company provides not only undying internet connection but also freebies that are useful outside of BT Business. If that’s not something appreciable, then I don’t know what is.

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